Contests & Events

Dr. Ted & Dr. Lyndsey McCaskey and their staff celebrate National Dental Health Month each February by hosting "Beat the Winter Blues" parties for patients and their friends. The YMCA's in Butler and Grove City have provided great venues for the staff to interact with the children and their families beyond the office environment. The patients and their friends can play basketball and volleyball, enjoy swimming, use the game rooms and play bingo and relay games. As a special treat, Dr. Ted and Dr. Lyndsey provide pizza, chips, pretzels and drinks for all who attend. When you become a patient, remember to watch for the announcement of the "Beat the Winter Blues" parties so you can sign up and bring a friend!


Good oral hygiene is of utmost importance when a patient is in orthodontic treatment. When a patient is in active orthodontic treatment, we encourage him or her to maintain good oral hygiene. One of the ways we do this is through our hygiene contest. Each time a patient comes to our office for a regularly scheduled appointment, he or she has the opportunity to receive two entries to our hygiene contest. If a patient has brushed and flossed properly, he or she will receive an entry. A second ticket will be awarded if a patient has taken good care of his or her appliances. A patient can also receive an entry to the contest if he or she brings a business card from the dentist stating the date of his or her most recent exam and cleaning. Every month, one of the tickets is pulled from all the entries and that patient receives a prize! This contest motivates many of our patients to brush and floss well and to keep their six month appointments with their regular dentists.


Dr. Ted and Dr. Lyndsey have many other contests throughout the year in an attempt to keep his patients involved and to make their experiences in our office fun. The staff has a great time with these contests too! In one contest, we took models of our noses and placed them on a board. The patient who could match the most noses to the staff members correctly won a prize! Another contest involved matching each staff member to his or her pet. We had pictures of each staff member and pictures of each staff member's pet on a board. Again, the patient who was able to match the most correctly was the winner. We are all big sports fans in this office and Dr. Ted and Dr. Lyndsey offer tickets to Pirate, Penguin and Steeler games as prizes for some of our contests. These contests are as much fun for us as they are for the patients as we enjoy seeing how engaged they are in their visits to our office!