Office Field Trips

Dr. Ted, Dr. Lyndsey and their team are dedicated to community involvement. One of the ways they reach out to the community is through their "Miles of Smiles" field trips to second, third and fourth graders from local schools. They have been conducting these field trips since 1999 and have enjoyed showing the students how the lessons they learn in school will be used in their future work places.

There are five stations that the children visit at each field trip where they have an opportunity to do "hands-on" projects that get them involved in learning. There is a computer science station where the children are shown how computers and digital photography play a part in the day-to-day operation of an orthodontic office. At the science station, the students see live germs from their own mouths in a microscope and learn the importance of good oral hygiene and sterilization in the office. The station that many children enjoy is the art station. Molds are made of the fronts of their teeth and sent back to the school for the children to play an "I-spy" game to see if they can find their own teeth! There is a language station where the children see how good phone manners, proper grammar and writing skills are important in the work place. There is also a math station where students learn how to write checks and realize the importance of good math skills. Everyone at McCaskey Orthodontics looks forward to the time they get to spend with the children on these field trips!

If you are interested in planning a field trip for your school, please contact our office for more information.

View some of our letters from previous field trip attendees:

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