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What to Expect at Your Appointment Due to COVID-19 Changes

May 15th, 2020

McCaskey Orthodontics: Most Things Will Be the Same…A Few Things Will Be Different

The past several weeks have certainly required us to approach life a little differently.  We have experienced new ways of learning, working and living in general.  Sometimes, change can be uncomfortable, but it can also highlight the best of humanity.  Think of all the individuals and businesses who have “stepped up” during this challenge to help their fellow community members.

Just as the existence of the community “helpers” will never change, there are things about our office that will never change.  You can always expect to be greeted at our front door with a warm, welcoming smile.  Although you won’t be able to see it hidden under a mask now, you will still certainly be able to feel it. You can still expect the highest level of attentiveness and care while you are seated in one of our treatment chairs.  Our collective efforts to provide you with the best possible smile remains our top priority.

Our orthodontic team has been busy preparing for your return.  We have always followed the highest level of sterilization and disinfection techniques.  Again, this is something that will never change.  However, we have learned new ways to keep everyone healthy and safe in the presence of the new virus, and, as a result, you will notice a few changes to the routines in our office.  Our team members may be wearing different shaped masks, and we may be wearing goggles or clear face shields to protect our eyes and disposable gowns to protect our skin.  Our reception desks may appear a bit different, also.  You will notice that waiting rooms will be cleared of magazines and other materials.  This will help us keep things clean and healthy.  To abide by the state’s social distancing requirements, the number of people allowed in the office at one time will need to be limited.

You will also see that we will ask you, our patients, to do things a bit differently:

The Day Before Your Appointment:

  • As advised by the Department of Health, we will be calling to confirm your appointment and to verbally complete a wellness form.
  • We will also kindly request that a parent or guardian complete a consent form the day before your appointment. This form can be found here:

The Day of Your Appointment:

  • Please take your temperature before you leave your house for your appointment. If your temperature is above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, we will kindly ask you to reschedule.
  • If you have a persistent cough, sore throat or shortness of breath, please reschedule your appointment.
  • Please brush your teeth before leaving home as our toothbrushing stations will be closed.
  • Please bring a mask.

When You Arrive at Our Office:

  • We will ask you or your guardian to kindly text or call our front desk.
    • If your appointment is at the Grove City office, please text 724-283-8900 or call 724-458-5544.
    • If your appointment is at the Butler office, please text 724-283-8900 or call 724-283-8900.  The number to text is the same for both offices.
  • When we are ready for you to enter our office for your appointment, our front desk will text or call you back.
  • Per the state’s guidelines, please wear a mask as you enter the office.
  • Someone will guide you into our office where we will complete another wellness form, take your temperature, and have you wash or sanitize your hands.
  • With the exception of new patients, we will kindly ask that only active patients come into the office so as not to violate the state’s social distancing mandate.

After Your Appointment

  • We will contact your parent or guardian to provide them with an update.

Please continue to monitor your emails and text messages as we will use those modes of communication frequently.  Also, please follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts as we will frequently post updates there as well.

We are so excited to see you all again and to resume the BEST part of our jobs which will NEVER change: building relationships with you and your family!

 Your McCaskey Orthodontics Team

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